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I’ve been doing a lot of blog reading lately, not sure if I’m searching for inspiration or just trying to feel out what direction I want to take this blog. If I want to write here at all. I know I do, but if I am completely honest it’s not the writing that is hard, it is trying to figure out the logistics of maintaining this website. I haven’t the first clue how to use the features and bells and whistles of WordPress, though apparently it is the most user friendly platform out there. How do I give people the option of following this blog, if they are interested? How do I properly format the menu, organize the pages, etc? So if you are reading this, know that literally the only thing I am sure of here is what is written, and nothing else. Not even the photographs, which I take myself. I have a minuscule idea of how to take pictures. That is all. But I am not about to hire someone to take them for me! To anyone out there with any blogging experience, or tech knowledge, advice is absolutely welcome!!!

I can update you on my ideas though. Design just isn’t enough; yes, we are always updating and still are renovating our house, and I LOVE talking and writing about that. But it can sometimes seem superficial. I am not de-valuing that topic, it literally is my obsession, but I know it makes some roll their eyes. Plus there is so much more I want to talk about and share. So I have divided (well am trying to figure out how to divide) my thoughts and these posts into a few categories: Surroundings (interior design), Heart (home life, children, marriage, and beyond), Movement (pretty much anything yoga), and Sustenance (you might know my love of baking and pipe dream of opening a cafe!).

Well now that that is out of the way, I’ll move on to none other than the bathroom! Oh, this baby feels like a two year pregnancy. But if you know my husband you know how meticulous his work is, and if you know me you know how indecisive I am, and so combine that and you end up with the world’s longest bathroom renovation. When we first did a walk through of this house I fell in love with the vintage feel of the bathroom. The flooring was marble hex and the walls a white square tile with black edging. The upper walls were painted a rose pink. There was a pink tub, people. Literally what you would see in so many of the trendy, bohemian modern-vintage bathrooms you find pinned on my ‘Bathroom’ board. I would have said I loved it and would have wanted to work with it if the floor didn’t have a crack running from one end to the other, and if the walls didn’t feel as though they were closing in on me. So tiny! I also knew I wanted this room to feel a little more ‘grown up’, not fancy or precious, just fresh. Really though, check this pic out and tell me it wouldn’t have been so bad-ass “jungalow” with a slew of plants hanging from the ceiling??

I will not get into details of all that has been done in this post, I’ll split it up a bit. But the west wall was ripped out and we added a couple of feet there, then broke into the bedroom beside it and stole 5×6 feet for the shower. The shower is actually ridiculous. But it will be so cool! And what did we keep? After literally months of searching for a vanity that I liked that wasn’t custom built and like $5,000…we decided to save a ton and keep the original vanity. The top has been replaced and Dev did a fantastic job of painting it (Benjamin Moore’s “Dark Pewter”, a super deep green/grey) but we kept the hardware because they are so vintage and the brass is super worn. The faucet is raw brass and will absolutely patine and I call that on. The search for the right brass finish felt impossible–literally no-one wants to sell un-laquered brass because they won’t warranty the finish but so often I felt like yelling, “I WANT it to look old and shitty!!!” Don’t judge me. But OF COURSE the specialty stores will order custom finishes at a cost. And it will take months to arrive, literally. So I spent nothing on the vanity but splurged on the faucet. Same with the tub–$200 claw foot off kijiji and a splurge on the faucet. Fair trade I’d say. Here is the vanity in its original, ‘yes we will buy this house’ glory.

Grungy, right? I think the toilet seat left up is what sold us haha. So I end this post with a more updated but not current/completed version. More on the tile choices and floor insanity another day.


Remember I’m still getting the hang of picture taking especially given the crappy lighting situation in there. And yes, my uber-meticulous husband has removed all the grout markings above the tile. And installed the second sconce. Can’t wait to put up some more updated photos, and will do once a few more finishing details are in place. Soon enough 🙂

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