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We decided to leave the main floor bathroom for last in all the reno insanity. Our kids bath was the first thing completed; since August we have been running up and down stairs to get there but to be honest I do not mind the wait, because I know what is coming is going to be insane. Like, insanely awesome. Crawesome. Aside from the fixtures, lighting, vanity (we just purchased a ridiculous mid century credenza via online auction–we’ll be converting that), and layout (all important, yes) I must say what I am obsessing with most is the TILE.


image via Cle Tile


image via Cement Tile Shop


image via Exquisite Surfaces


image via Exquisite Surfaces


image via Fired Earth

All the options are overwhelming though.  And I don’t want too much contrast between the wall and floor tiles–I don’t need two beautiful tile sets competing with one another. Ideally, pattern on the floor, texture or shape on the wall. Do I play with colour? Or stay with a black and white palette? Traditional or modern?


image via Tabarka Studio


Floors, shower, perhaps backsplash or dare I even say full wall??? Reality tells me that since it is likely my husband who will be installing (though perhaps I might try my hand here) less might be more. For my marriage. But there is a chance we could hire someone to deal with mapping out the patterned floor tile, and painstakingly placing each ogee drop on the shower wall?


Which do you prefer?

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