The Real Deal

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It’s clear I likey working in home spaces. Especially my own, especially starting from scratch. So plop me and my hubby and two babes into a mid century gut job and you have one happy momma. What was key here? Being a realist. You know I’ve pushed all the toys out of sight, right? I don’t have an ‘adult’ living space with no tv. We like tv. And music.

But aside from the reality of children (in all their beauty), I wanted bright. White. And colours. Iranian or Turkish rugs (in every space if possible). Wood. Vibrant hmong pillows. Pretty much the Californian Bohemian thing, but in Southern Ontario. Note the bare trees. But the room? Makes me want to head to the coast.

living 2     

That credenza is a gem. Found it for a few hundred on Kijiji–I love those finds. We saved a ton of money on the drapery as well. Instead of going with custom drapes (starting easily at $1300) I visited the Restoration Hardware outlet and used ring clips, just doing a simple triple pleat in each clip. Can someone tell me why there isn’t a standard size 91″ drape?! I had to buy the 98″ and hem them. 82″ is just way too short. The couch is also Restoration Hardware, and the side nesting tables were found at a junk yard by our buddy. The hmong pillows were Etsy buys, and the beaded leather pillow belonged to Dev’s grandmother who collected Native art. Look to Penney & Co for the glider, coffee table, and other throw pillows. Now to save the two best for last–the ecarpetgallery persian rug find that makes me swoon, and the gorgeous art by Gretchen Jeens (my momma!).



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