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Nursery crib and artwork

The irony as I write this post on Maisie’s serene nursery is that it’s nap time and I am watching her in the monitor while she rolls around in her crib. Totally awake. And actually, at this moment, Arya just walked in and is now reading books in the chair.  It’s reminding me of the scene in this picture: Arya had climbed into Maisie’s crib, stolen her soother, and led a sing-along while I took these pictures. This was just not going to happen without the girls being in the room. So maybe it’s more of a party room today, but generally speaking Mais and I spend a ton of time in here peacefully bonding, feeding, reading, singing, and sleeping.

Nursery crib and artwork and mobile




nursery chair and change dresser

Nothing crazy happening with any of this. The dresser is special to me: it was my Nana’s, and although I had plans to paint it a vibrant colour to contrast the walls, when I opened the drawers the scent of Nana took over. My sister, mom, dad and I couldn’t stop sticking our faces inside; we couldn’t believe how much it was just Nana! Right there in those drawers! I was not going to mess with that by covering her smell up with paint. Months later it still has her smell and I love it. Beyond that, there’s just a simple ikea crib, left unfinished. The sheet and the chair pillow I made from fabric I purchased off Etsy. Two pieces of my mother’s artwork that I’ve had for years hang above the crib. A bookshelf found on Kijiji, plant that has followed me through three different homes, rocking chair borrowed from a friend that I draped in my mexican yoga blanket. The dog was brought home from my in-laws after they visited my sister-in-law in Hong Kong, and the Advice From a Tree board was a gift from a friend; she found it on Etsy as well. Rug, as usual, found on ecarpetgallery. Oh and the dreamcatcher mobile I made from materials found at the Dollar Store! Just simple. And Simply White.



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