Mother’s Day

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I suppose this will be a lengthy post (though we will see how long I have before the little ones wake up…). Of course I could write for days about being a mom, or my own mom as a person, or how my mom inspires me as a mom, etc, but I think it would be interesting to share a bit about my mom and her passion–her artwork. It is true that Mom has the ability to do really any ‘type’ of art you throw her way, and she experiments with various mediums (excuse that I may not know the technical terms here), and I’m always asking her to try this or that because I like the look, but her heart shows most when she is able to explore the idea of the ‘women’s experience’.

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I am particularly smitten with these dolls she made recently portraying her three sisters; though clearly exaggerated, as soon as I saw them it was obvious who was who. I just think they are adorable! My aunts do as well 😉


The piece that made me tear up as soon as I laid eyes on it is one she did of me and Arya on the beach in Pass-A-Grille. It needs no faces, you just know it’s us. So beautiful.

Living room art


Living room art

But there are pieces of hers (that I have essentially stolen) all over the house. Living room, hall, dining room, and all the bedrooms have pieces I’ve either requested or pulled out of her studio room (sorry, Mom!) and all bring such light and love into our home. The wedding dress was a gift from her after our wedding…I can’t believe how perfectly she captured not just the dress, but the day. And the caricature?! Honestly. A house warming present. I love Maisie’s soother!

IMG_0726 IMG_0725 IMG_0724 IMG_0719

IMG_0718 nursery book shelf and rug and crib IMG_0418

Had to add "Ol' Faithful" and highlight the use of antique brass and marble.

Thank you, Mom, for everything you do for all of us. You are the most commited mother, nana, and friend any of us could ever have asked for. Today is the one year anniversary of your own mom’s passing (I will write a post on Nana soon too), but you reminded me this morning that you think of your mom every day, and are always thankful for the time we all had with her. It made me realize that we more often should appreciate and be thankful for our mothers…not just on Mother’s Day! I hope you know that we love you, and thank our lucky stars for you, every. single. day. xoxoxo


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