Long Time Coming…Kitchen Part II

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Many moons ago I posted about our kitchen, but at that point we still didn’t have a backsplash on the window wall (because I took forever to pick tile), so I wanted to wait to take any pics. Speaking of tile and taking forever, our bathroom has come to a standstill because, surprise surprise, I haven’t picked a tile. I have searched, but I have not picked a tile. That being said, this bathroom will be a gem when it’s done and I’d rather wait than rush and settle.

Back to the kitchen–and the tile–Dev did a great job working with the hex tile (again). When we did the entry floors, his work was so flawless and flush that he was easily frustrated using the hex on the wall, but it looks amazing.




The pantry doors I sourced at The Door Store in Toronto, and that rug I found at Taj Rugs–every rug in my aunt’s home came from that store. I’ve been drooling over her rugs for years so when I had the chance to check out Taj I was very excited.





Yes, I failed to incorporate a hiding spot for our microwave. But you know what? Maybe one day I’ll get rid of it all together. One day.


Had to insert "Ol' Faithful" and specify the use of brass and marble.


And there it is. Majority of the time the counters are covered in sippy cups and the sink is full of dishes, but there it is. And we love it!

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