Jon Partridge Pottery

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When Dev and I were thinking about our wedding registry there was one specific route I knew I had to go: pottery for our tableware. My bestie had done the same thing when she got married and I always appreciated the idea. China is beautiful and formal and fragile; pottery is rough, raw, and artistic. So the hunt began for ‘the potter’. I wanted a connection to Muskoka as that is where our wedding was, and I had grown up at my cottage in Bracebridge. There were many talented Muskokan artists but one visit to the Artful Garden (held every August on Jon Partridge’s property) and the decision was made.

Jon Partridge Pottery

Jon Partridge studio pottery

Dev and I made an appointment to meet with Jon at his studio to check out the process and to chose a pattern for the registry. The studio is rustic and filled with light; floor to ceiling windows on the south and east walls, wood beams, concrete floors. A great array of greenery and plant life soak up the sun, and shelving and worktops are stacked with the latest pieces from the kiln. Dev and Jon hit it off immediately (Dev was really impressed both by Jon’s beard and his pipe) and I was a kid in a candy store.

pottery salad bowl


Jon Partridge pottery studio

Fast forward over three years and many coffees later, all our pieces are perfectly intact (despite everyday use and dishwasher placement)….except for the three mugs I insisted on bringing in the car with me while toting two babies. Those needed replacing, so this past weekend we took a trip out to the showroom and studio off the 118 in Bracebridge. I was just a bit nervous to have my two year old wander amongst the art but she was so in awe of the fish tank and Walnut’s bed (Jon’s dog) that I was able to snap a few photos. Next time you are north, if you are looking for some new show pieces or maybe are even interested in a registry, give them a call. I’ll re-visit in August with some pics from the Artful Garden too.

Jon Partridge showroom

Jon Partridge pottery mugs

Jon Partridge

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