Enter…the Garden

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Veggie garden

Sod cutter? Check. Tiller? Check. Insane amounts of compost and peat? Check. Potatoes of varying types shipped from Alberta? Why not, right? Check. Three awesome hippies, a chick with a camera, two babies, and a dog, and we’re done.

Nothing beats bringing a gigantic veggie garden into suburbia. It’s the perfect example of how, despite living a completely ordinary lifestyle, we are able to bring some of that bohemian ideal into our homes. It’s a challenge, it’s fun, it brings people together, and it teaches our kids to touch, learn about, and respect the Earth.



Dev’s sister Amanda and her partner Brad are an amazing pair; they both are extraordinary artists with a special affinity to nature and vegetation. They live in the city, with a gorgeous home but little land to create a garden space on, and beyond that are venturing to the Yukon to work for six weeks. So they asked if they could use our space (knowing we would be creating a veggie garden soon enough anyway) to sow their potatoes. And here we are. Potatoes are done (a few YouTube ‘planting potato’ videos until midnight later), some radish and lettuce seeds are in, and the rest of the seeds await.



Can’t wait to see what this garden brings for us this summer–I know Arya is already loving having something special to care for and water. I’m super excited to see her face as her veggies sprout, and of course I can’t wait for us to be able to enjoy and share the harvest.

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