Survival, Defined Only by You (or in this case, ME)

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These are, I know, the best years of my life. The most emotional, ecstatic, draining, long, short, turbulent, and peaceful years of my life. The reality is, every piece of it is perfectly imperfect. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have said things are brutal, and hard, and I that I […]

A dog lover’s guide to managing guilt

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It is bred into me to love dogs. It can’t be helped, or changed. And so years ago, when my parents lost their dog Spencer and I was living on my own with no responsibilities or commitments, I naturally decided a dog had a place in my life. That dog was Finn, I knew it […]

Baby Three

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We knew we wanted three. We knew having one would be a blessing, two would be a dream…and if possible, three. It’s just such a nice number! It’s not to be sure we have a boy, that truly doesn’t matter. It’s to have a party. Now understand, our two girls (just two years and not […]