Baby Three

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We knew we wanted three. We knew having one would be a blessing, two would be a dream…and if possible, three. It’s just such a nice number! It’s not to be sure we have a boy, that truly doesn’t matter. It’s to have a party. Now understand, our two girls (just two years and not quite four yet) are a major party on their own. A crazy, wild, loud, rambunctious party. But three would be a jam, so why not?! Another little person to snuggle, to drive me crazy, to yell at the top of their lungs when they are truly just having a quiet conversation in their own mind–that is what this household needs. I lay here, a little crampy, four days away from my due date (I had the other two at 39 weeks…), knowing that the time is likely here (watch–I say that and baby won’t come for another week!) and feeling overwhelmingly emotional. In, like, so many good ways! Things are about to be out of control. How do you take three children under four to the grocery store??? How do you go to the zoo??? How do you get enough sleep, or feed them all (and yourself) or maintain friendships and a social life??? Plants, and more importantly our doggy Finn, I apologize in advance. All questions and worries and jokes aside, we can’t wait to start this new chapter, this adventure in our lives, and see how yet again my heart will be forever changed.

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