I am a mom of two girls, wife, school teacher, and yoga enthusiast. Though interior design is not my profession, it is definitely my passion. My desire to re-dream spaces began when I purchased my first home, but came to life while my husband and I lived in an 1800s cottage he was renovating. At that time the focus was budget reno; reusing and reinventing was our motto. I'd say we nailed it 😉

When we walked through a mid century 'gut job' on one of the most desirable streets in our town, we knew it was a score and took to the bidding war immediately, two-day-old daughter in tow.  This place has allowed me to test both my vision and my husband's talent. And our marriage--let me check--yep, still going strong. Even after the hex tile backsplash. 

This site? I'm not ready to quit my day job just yet, but we'll see where this journey takes me.