A Yoga Snippet

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Though this writing outlet will be mainly focused on design, tonight I can’t help but put up a little something about yoga practice. There is a lot that I could say here so I’ll try to filter through by speaking to the training I attended yesterday called 2Unite Partner Yoga certification. I’ve known my instructor, Krista Bromfield, for a number of years now, since doing prenatal with her during my first pregnancy. As always, her depth of knowledge and attention to detail made the day seem like minutes and now I am craving more.

serve it up

You’ll have to pardon the photo quality, not that I am any bit skilled with the camera yet but these are iphone photos that certainly don’t quite cut it!

flying leaf

I am amazed at what we all accomplished in this one day session. And also appreciative that there was a connection to the yoga philosophy, bringing in the yamas and niyamas and aligning them with partner connection in this practice. As a teacher, it is interesting to think how this partner practice could be explored in the schools. I believe it would bring more of a community into the classrooms, no doubt. I know that would take time, but it would happen. The idea of santosha (contentment), tapas (self-discipline), and svadhyaya (self-study) especially ignite my interest as a teacher. Could a group of 12 year olds work together under these circumstances and be accepting of their abilities as well as those of their partner? Would they be driven enough, motivated to even try without feeling like they were ‘too cool’–or too afraid to fail? And maybe most importantly, could they take the time to appreciate what they are able to bring to the table and to reflect on how, as a person, they could become even better? I believe so, again over time.

falling leaf

handstand prep

Sharing this experience with my sister, Heidi, was amazing. I felt the trust piece with her as I always have but this kind of practice takes it to another level. The best part was playing with these poses in the living room of my parent’s house tonight, laughing and joking and having our older brother act as a spotter (I think we trusted him too?!! 😉 Great weekend.

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